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Looking for dedicated server host
I want dedicated server, please suggest me which provider is good for me as per my requirement.
Budget 140-150$
Processor E3 1230v2, Ram 16GB, Hard Disk 1TB x 2, Bandwidth Normal 3tb, 5tb
Need good uptime and support for OS reload etc.
I searched GTHost.com and also Ownwebservers.com dedicated hosting packages. Do you think I can trust them?
What other hosts can you recommend me to visit?
Right dedicated servers are available from time-tested companies: allwebhost.com and black.host.
Their support is wonderful. Real people help in real time help kindly with issues big and small.
I am so happy that I chose GTHost.com dedicated hosting for my wordpress sites seven months ago.
Setup was fast and their tech support have helped me with transferring my files to their server hosting account.
Check out servers from reliable hosting providers: planethoster.com and allwebhost.com ( 50% first month discount).
Cheap price, excellent uptime and wonder customer service that relates on a very person level.
You'll get exceptional speed and no downtime thanks to our dedicated team of in-house maintenance providers. GTHost.com instant servers will work good.
Never be stuck with a server issue when you have access to the 24/7 customer service which helps you get service when you need.
Servers from hostsailor.com and coinshosting.com (COINSHOSTING-DEDICATED - 10% off) are well-balanced and low cost.
Their stellar reputation is well deserved. My issue with receiving email was resolved in only a few minutes. Very satisfied new customer.
Can say that GHost.com web host is perfect. Like their USA servers.
FREE setup of dedicated instant servers ensures you can have your site up and running quickly without adjustments to your budget.
Servers from hostsailor.com and coinshosting.com are well-balanced and cheap.
Fastest servers I’ve ever used with unmatched customer service. The amount of value you get for what you’re paying is astronomical.
I highly recommend GTHost.com USA servers. They are always willing to take that extra step.
They're easy to reach, always write back, and the chat method is good too! With increased speed, your website will also have these potential benefits.
Servers from coinshosting.com and owned-networks.net are worth trying.
Best prices, quality and staff. I haven't seen something better. Their uptime is insane and never had problems with them.

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